Gallery Talk Hosted by the Chelsea Design Centre

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Last Friday we attended a talk as part of ART 16 by Loic Le Gaillard, co-founder of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The gallery produces and exhibits functional sculptures by international rising and already established artists and designers going outside their traditional territories of expression.  We understood this to mean that those artist and designers produce sculptures that are a kind of “high art” meets furniture.  It can be used but also admired as art.

The gallery is actively involved in the research and production of the limited edition works exhibited. The choices are guided by the research of an emotional, artistic and historical relevance; a relevance that appears as an evidence.

We were interested to hear that in 2015 the Carpenters Workshop Gallery opened the Carpenters Workshop in Roissy on the outskirts of Paris. It is an 8,000 m2 space dedicated to artistic research and development where an elite of artisans produce the works of the artists that the gallery represents.  We’ve chosen our favourite pieces by some of the artists they represent.




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